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Business Coaching

Do you dare to steer your organization in the right direction while evolving your personal development and effectiveness? The truth often makes change necessary, not always fun, but necessary to gain insight and new energy to go back in the right direction!

Business coaching helps you to overcome your challenges and to achieve growth again. Not only do I use various coaching techniques, but I also draw on my broad experience as a senior manager, leader and domain specialist.

If you are (more) aware of your leadership qualities as a leader, director, manager or employee, you can communicate more effectively and achieve better results. I take into consideration the context and forces that play a role in your situation. It is important to be prepared to pause and reflect, allowing for changing direction when results are disappointing; for example, unexpected external developments such as Covid-19, or rapidly changing laws and regulations.

If you are willing to invest in yourself, I can help you break through persistent thinking patterns and potentially confront them through specific communication and behaviours. Together we look for new possibilities that work with new energy, resulting in insights and better results for you as well as your environment. Even if you experience a lot of (long-term) stress, tension or pressure, it is so nice to get started and move forward.

Entrepreneurs are also welcome, if you have decided to go independent or have already done so, we can examine your plan together. When you get (better) insight into your personal strengths and know how to incorporate them in your personal plans and business operations, you will notice that you can create allegiances and start achieving better results.

Themes, what do you experience?

  • Lack of energy, you are stuck and do not get everything out of your life, work/business at the moment

  • Lack of correct focus, insufficient insight into behaviors and motivations, resulting in problems

  • Your behavior leads to incomprehension/conflicts with business partners, and teams; you want to get started with this to gain more insight into your actions

  • Passion and pleasure have disappeared in your work or company, lack of successes

  • Doubt about choices, promotions, leadership, (managerial) qualities

  • No courage and/or courage to make that one necessary decision

  • Specific questions that you do not want to discuss at work but with an independent partner

  • Unclear and/or half choices, burnout, bore-out

  • AD(H)D and work

Take action, more fun, time, freedom, satisfaction, success, love, happiness?

  • Gain insight into strategies that do work for you

  • Define together clear goals that suit you and are achievable

  • Together come to clear choices, stop things that cost energy, that you are not good at and that do not suit you

  • Gain insight into your internal and external resources, so that personal and business life are better and results are achieved

  • Organize your work and/or company in such a way that it will work for you instead of the other way around

  • Feel like that entrepreneur, domain professional; or director of your life again

Image by Andrew Neel
Image by Jace & Afsoon

Life Coaching

Looking for that little push? Do things in your life not turn out the way you would like, time and again? Or are you looking for answers in your hectic life and are you overloaded with too much information coming your way? Coaching can help you and gives you tools to experience a lasting difference in your life. It provides insight to be able to cope with practical and emotional matters and helps you to set boundaries where necessary.

Are you willing to take steps (or start again) and take control?

Example themes:

  • Difficulty with changes

  • Failure / (insufficient) achievement of goals

  • Lack of self-esteem, confidence, or public persona

  • Stress, burnout

  • Too much in your head

  • Relationship problems

  • Ad (h) d

  • Lack of personal growth

  • Identity issues, inner turmoil

  • Unresolved past experiences


If you want to continue with what you have always done, you will get the result you have always received, take action!

  • Gain insight into how you take direction of your life

  • Become aware of how you can better deal with stress and difficult situations

  • What are your limiting beliefs, are you afraid of something?

  • What are your dreams, what are you looking for and why are you not successful (yet)?

  • How about your feelings?

  • How can you influence your mindset and behavior so that results are achieved

Image by Jeremy Perkins
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